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Why didn't they come back?

While I was browsing Facebook, I found a Yemeni university student posting: Do you know of a crime that carries a penalty of exile from Yemen?

This is the case of students from inside Yemen. As for outside it, I remember here some colleagues who graduated from Saudi and Canadian universities. In any case, congratulations to their graduation, and when you say to some of them: A good return to the country and the people, they say to you: We have finished the first half!

So what was left after that half? Of course, you will say the second half, but with these there are rounds and penalty kicks due to what Yemen is suffering from the ongoing war crisis since 2015.

A part of them seeks to complete their higher studies, and they believe that using their time to seek knowledge is better for them than following the World Cup in Yemen, which has not yet been decided, but there is another group that the crisis reached and was affected, and these are members of the working class who went abroad to seek knowledge, then turned into workers. Immediately after their graduation, they emigrate as a result of the difficult living conditions their families are going through in Yemen.

As for the third group, they are looking for a homeland that protects them and lives under its loyalty. We often find them among those sent to Western countries that allow obtaining citizenship in exchange for certain conditions.

And with these three... bright minds were absent from the country's renaissance because everyone was preoccupied with his own situation and the situation of his family, and everyone forgot the highest goal of scholarship, which is to bring competencies capable of rebuilding the country after the state it is suffering from.

But how can they return under a government that supports failures and eliminates successful ones?

How can they return when death and terrorist gangs are destroying their country in light of the lack of security in some areas?

But on the other hand, shouldn't the expatriate student who has not returned to his homeland plan for that return, even after a while, giving the material and moral reasons that will help him advance his country after the grace of God Almighty?

But between the government and the students there is a society that must know its responsibility, and help its children in empowering them on the ground, hand in hand for the renaissance of the country and its people.

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