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Apply for chances

Definition: Is to provide assistance to those who apply for chances (scholarships, training, jobs, etc.)

Terms of service:

  1. Applicant must be an Arab or an Arabic speaker
  2. The applicant must be a graduate of High School
  3. The applicant must clearly disclose his / her required data in the fields shown below
  4. Be prepared for CV (or use the member pages design / CV configuration)
  5. To be following newsletter about chances. The network does not bear the result of negligence of the applicant for that chances, But we help him remind him of the dates and conditions for that chances.
  6. Not to apply any term of the conditions terms cancels the request

Service Method:

  1. Contact the applicant according to the status of the application (mail - phone)
  2. The applicant is contacted according to the network's working hours
  3. The applicant is given a code to communicate with it about the service
  4. The site ensures the protection of your data that belong about apply for chances
  5. If the applicant is unable to self-introduction to the difficulty of linguistic or so, the site offers that service at a nominal price.
For service click on the barcode