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Türkiye launches the scholarship program in mid-January 2019

She declared Turkish Scholarship Authority About the launch of the scholarship program in mid-January 2019, for all academic degrees and various specializations her website, Applications close on February 20th.

The Authority stipulated that the applicant for the bachelor’s degree stage must have completed high school or in the last semester of the stage with a grade point average of no less than % 70 for engineering and literary specializations, and no less than % 90 for medical specializations, and that the age is not more than 21 years.

It also requires applicants for the postgraduate stage (Master’s, Doctorate) that their GPAs are not less than 75 % and that their age does not exceed 30 years for the Master’s and 35 years for the Doctorate. Bachelor’s degree students at the final level can apply for scholarships provided that they submit a statement proving that they are about to graduate.

In the case of initial acceptance, those accepted will be notified of the manner and date of the interview by e-mail, as it will be conducted face-to-face in the Turkish diplomatic representations in the applicant’s country, or via means of communication if there are no such representations in the applicant’s country.

The Turkish government provides the scholarship winners with: one-way airfare, housing, health insurance, university fees, and a monthly stipend of 700 Turkish liras (131$) for bachelor’s degrees, 950 liras (177$) for master’s degrees, and 1400 liras (261$) for doctorates.

The winners undergo Turkish language study courses for a full year before joining the majors, which are distributed among: 105 Turkish universities Between governmental and private in 55 Turkish cities.

It is worth noting that Turkish universities have achieved high positions in some international academic classification bodies. Istanbul University is considered one of the top 500 global universities according to Shanghai ranking 2018While 7 Turkish universities were ranked among the top 1000 global universities, and 4 universities were ranked among the top 500 global universities in the rankings. British Qs 2018.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Scholarship Program was established in 2012, and more than 16,000 international students have enrolled in it, representing 175 countries.

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